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Monogram Lighting

Monogram lighting is a creative way to tie together all the design elements of your wedding.


Monogram lighting is one of the most cost effective ways to add a personal touch to your event. It creates a high impact focal point to your room and highlights the elegant touches you have made to your event including your wedding cake, decor, and event lighting.

Popular monogram ideas include the initials and date of the bride and groom, corporate logos and names, etc…

  • Monograms (Initials, Names, Dates, Etc…)
  • Company Logos
  • Shapes & Patterns

Gobo Creation

What’s a gobo? Gobos are patterns for lights that come in various sizes. A gobo is a stainless steel or glass-etched cutout that is placed in a pattern projecting fixture that will project the image onto a wall, floor, or other flat surface.

We offer basic white monograms, 1 color gobos, 2 color gobos, black & white gobos, and multi-colored gobos.


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