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Are You The Next
Cutmaster Rockstar?

We are looking for the next class of DJs, Emcees, Light Techs, Photobooth Attendants, and Videographers. Do you have the desire to absolutely crush it and be one of the best? Check out the job descriptions below and see if you’ve got what it takes.

Cutmaster Music is recognized as one of Albuquerque’s best event companies. As one of the top referrals for many area venues, we pride ourselves on the quality of service we bring to many types of events that require music, lighting and decor.  Since 2006, we have launched the careers of many DJs in this exciting industry. We have the training program, the support, and the lead generation designed for you.

Do you have what it takes to dive into a DJ career that brings joy to thousands of people every year?

To Become A Part Of Cutmaster Music & Be A Successful DJ You Must:

  1. Have Crazy Work Ethic
  2. The Want To Serve Others On The Best Day Of Their Life
  3. Have A Love For Music
  4. Have The Ability To Speak In Front Of People
  5. Be Trustworthy
  6. Have A Drivers License
  7. Have A Reliable Vehicle

Did you notice the one thing that isn’t on the list? DJing Experience. DJ experience is not necessary (but is a plus) because we provide a training program that all of our DJs must go through. So if you have what it takes and are free most weekends, then contact Cutmaster Music at 505-508-3489 or

What If I Want To The Join Awesomeness, But Don’t Want To DJ?

Cutmaster Music is always looking to hire outgoing, talented people with a great work ethic and desire to be a part of a growing entertainment company. We understand DJing is not for everyone, but we still might have a spot for you on our team. Here’s some positions that might fit the bill for you:

  1. Light Technician: 

    You have as big a role as the DJ! You setup and run the light show for the evening by matching the mood and atmosphere of the music, with lighting around the room and on the dance floor.

  2. Emcee: 

    Do you have a gift for public speaking and doing it with joy and some pep in your step? We have positions open for those that want to be in front of the crowd, leading events, but don’t want to mess around behind the decks.

  3. Roadies: 

    We can always use help setting up and tearing down. If you want to make a few extra dollars for the weekend hauling in gear, but don’t necessarily want to DJ, then this is the perfect position for you. It usually only requires a few hours a day.

  4. Photo Booth Operators: 

    Are you one of those people with a constant smile on your face and enjoy being around others? Then running our photo booth is perfect for you. The booth basically runs itself, but you will help setup and tear down the booth, guide people through the booth, and aid with props and the scrapbook. We want upbeat, happy attendants with great people skills.

  5. Media Guru

    We currently started a new division for Videography/Cinematography and Photography. Welcome to Cutmaster Media! Our media gurus join us at events and take pictures, capture video footage, and assist as needed. We are currently hiring those that are savvy with the camera and are proficient in photoshop, lightroom, Adobe Premier and Final Cut Pro.

Contact Us At 505-508-3489 or

Think You Have What It Takes? Fill Out Our Application Form.