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Top 5 Overplayed Parent Dance Songs


Are you trying to come up with a song to dance to with your parents? Or are you a parent trying to find the right song for you and your child? With such a special moment like the parent dances, the last thing you want is to be unoriginal or boring. Well with over 15 years in the wedding DJ industry we have seen quite a few father/daughter and mother/son dances and some of the songs we hear truly do get old. Now if you want to stand out and really create a moment we have a few songs that we recommend you stay away from. 


Songs To Stay Away From 

Now we are not saying these are bad songs by any means and oftentimes a lot of these songs have special meaning between the parent and their child so if you like these songs please go for it. All we are saying is that there are so many good songs out there. Why choose a song that everyone uses? With that being said we hope you can understand what we mean by staying away from these songs. 


  • Butterfly Kisses – Bob Carlisle 
  • My Wish – Rascal Flatts 
  • What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
  • Unforgettable – Nat King Cole
  • I Loved Her First – Heartland 

Songs To Possibly Consider 

Now you can’t just give a list of songs not to use and not give a list of good songs you think would work instead. These songs listed below are ones that we think fit perfectly with this moment and are never used or often forgotten about for this moment. 

  • You’ll Be In My Heart – Phil Collins
  • Isn’t she lovely – Stevie Wonder 
  • Lean On Me – Bill Withers 
  • A Song For Mama – Boyz II Men
  • The Perfect Fan – Backstreet Boys


Ways To Make Your Parent Dance Unique 

With this being such a big moment but also something that happens at almost every wedding it’s hard to think of ways to stand out. Like we mentioned earlier, we have been doing this for a

 while and we have seen quite a few parent dances. One thing we love to see are joint parent dances and then inviting other family members to come join them. This is a fun surprise and a great way to incorporate everyone in your new family. Another idea you can do is ask your DJ to make a custom mix that incorporates something slow and then transitions to something like a Tik-Tok dance or something fun. Or maybe a song mashup with a coordinated dance! This one always gets the crowd excited and can be very memorable. One final tip we recommend is to keep the parent dances short. Songs are normally around 3 minutes but if you can do the dance in half the time it helps keep the night flowing and that dance won’t feel awkward. 


and finally…

The parent dances have the opportunity to be something memorable and fun. If you choose a song that is overdone or something that people have heard time and time again it can be brushed off as unimportant. So be sure to really think about the song you are choosing. Be sure to have this conversation with your parents or child and maybe have a drink with them and play some music together to find the right song. We hope this blog helps broaden your perspective when it comes to choosing a song for the parent dances. We encourage everyone to have fun with it! This is a very special moment and it’s a fantastic chance to make some unique memories.