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We started a new Podcast. Welcome to Cutmaster Cast!

Cutmaster Cast Podcast

I decided it was time for us to start providing a little more content and insight into our musical tastes by starting a podcast that I’m calling Cutmaster Cast. Cutmaster Cast is a platform for the DJs of Cutmaster Music to create playlists and give a little commentary and personal insight into the creation of these lists. There are going to be multiple angles from personal lists, to lists geared toward our wedding couples, to random lists and guest input.

The first episode is a listen into my favorite band, 311. I’ve been following this band since I was a junior in high school and still attend any of their concerts that I can. I love the positivity around their music and the community that religiously follows them, know as the Excitables. Take a journey with me as I pick one song from each of their 13 albums to create this playlist.


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