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Wedding Planning: Grand Entrance Songs

Your Grand Entrance might be the most important formality to your evening and you didn’t even know it! You can learn why be reading our blog post about Grand Entrances. This post is a follow-up and will list our favorite Grand Entrance songs, categorized specifically to the mood you’re looking for.

High Energy

These are songs that start tell your guests “They are here to PARTY!”


These are songs that have a theme attached to them. Props are definitely acceptable and cheese factor is way high. Your guests will laugh at you, with you, and possibly at each other. Themes tell your guests something about you and your new spouse… usually that you’re AWESOME!


These songs are good for a basic entrance. Usually they are fit for couples that are not necessarily looking to be loud and crazy, but want more background music as they are introduced to their guests. Once again, the mood will be set and everyone will be feeling good!

** These lists will be continually updated as we see more creative ideas from our bride and grooms **

Article written by Chris Romero of Cutmaster Music

Check out Chris’s Google+ profile.