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Wedding Tips Tuesday | 7-9-19

5 things to ponder about your wedding day

Hi All! #WeddingTipsTuesdays is your newsletter of 5 tips, hacks, tricks and helpful tidbits to help your wedding planning. If there‚Äôs anything you would like for us to tackle, please let me know. Enjoy!  

  • YouTube Channel I’m Following 

Wedding Planner Jamie Wolfer   Jamie’s channel is great for the planning Bride. She’s not your typical Bride turned planner.  She touches on many different topics and has a personality that seems to resonate with many current planning brides-to-be.  Her videos hget thousands of hits. Check her out @thejamiewolfer and make the planning process easier.  

  • Pondering prioritization

If there’s any advice I can give as a wedding DJ, it would be to make a list and prioritize your wedding experience. This can also help you with budget. What matter most to you? The food? The entertainment? The guest experience? The pictures? The flowers? The emotions and feelings your guests leave with? There are so many things to think about and unless you have an unlimited budget, these things cost money and it costs a lot for the best. It makes sense, right? The best of the best will always be reflected in the price. Prioritize what matters most to you and put your budget into those places. HINT: Make a list of all the elements you want on your wedding day and number them in order of importance. Then you can place a percentage of HOW IMPORTANT these things are and get a good guess of what percentage of the budget you should place toward those elements. 

  • Super unique wedding detail we love

The Video DJ Booth . We’re a fan of doing cool, unique elements to make wedding receptions special and different. Most DJs are using a provided banquet table for their “booth” area. This is great if you want something simple and don’t want any attention at the DJ area. But why not do something different, and something personal and cool like adding a monogram or rolling video/slideshow to the DJ area? Why not have an actual DJ Booth and highlight this space with something MORE, yet keeping it classy. Check it out below and tell us what you think?  

  • We’re contemplating social media

It’s 2019 and you need to have a social media strategy.  Whether you want to broadcast your wedding to the world or have an unplugged wedding, you should have a strategy of how you and your guests should handle this day on social media. Hashtags, signage, snapchat geofilters and photobooths are a great way to share your event online. Or if you’re more private, have your officiant remind guests at the start of the ceremony, that the day is unplugged and to let the photographers do all the work that day.  

  • I’m pondering why couples don’t enjoy their big day

It’s not often this happens, but it does happen sometimes. The Bride or Groom that just can’t enjoy their wedding reception. Don’t get caught up in the small stuff. Your guests don’t care if a runner isn’t lined up perfectly, if a certain song is played in a certain order, or if the appetizers came out a few minutes late. This is your wedding day! Relax and enjoy it and have fun with all the people that have come to be here with you and celebrate. TRUE #CutmasterStory: I once had a bride tell me a packed dance floor was super important. During the planning process, we make it clear that for this to happen, we need flexibility along with their playlist, in order to have the best dance floor experience. She was on board and made it clear that the guest having a great time were most important to her. The big day comes and she surprisingly was so concerned about her personal playlist that she could not overcome it to enjoy herself with her super hype crowd on the dance floor. The place was literally jumping and was packed with lots of energy.  The first half hour was so fun and the Groom was having the time of his life (as he should be). Needless to say, she made it clear during the dancing that she wanted us to only stick to her list (even though we discussed flexibility in our final event review and set expectations), which definitely affected the party and guest experience since many songs didn’t match the overall guest tastes and vibe. 

Cutmaster Hint: Make sure all the legwork is done and that everything you want has been communicated clearly leading up to the big day, so you can enjoy it all and have the best experience.  


Please give me feedback on social @cutmasterchris. Which bullet above is your favorite? What do you want more or less of? Other suggestions? Let me know! Just send a tweet to @cutmasterchris and put #weddingtiptuesday at the end so I can find it.   Have a wonderful week, all!   Chris