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10 Wedding Reception Trends You Have To Consider

So you want your reception to standout and be a night your guests will always remember? Here’s 10 things you can add to make your room, your dance floor, and your night, the one your friends will talk about for years.

  1. 1. Add Uplighting 

    • Uplighting is an add-on that provides great bang for the buck. It’s an easy way to decorate your room and accent your walls with color. If you’re lucky, your provider will have LED lights that they can also control with the music during your dancing, turning the whole room into an interactive experience for your guests.

  2. 2. Add A Monogram

    • Monograms add a nice personal touch to any room. Your guests will not only be impressed when they see your name on the dance floor, but it makes a great first impression as they first enter the ballroom.
    • Monograms
  3. 3. Use A Theme for Cocktail Hour Music

    • Cocktail hour is usually a time where the bride and groom, along with the wedding party, are off taking pictures. One way to keep your guests entertained is with the music. Here’s a few themes that will get your guests attention:
      • Rat Pack: Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, etc.
      • 80’s
      • Vitamin String Quartet (instrumental versions of popular contemporary songs)
      • Motown
      • 90’s R&B
      • Movie Soundtracks
  4. 4. Add A Photo Booth


    • This is one of the most popular add-ons to any reception. It’s another opportunity to entertain your guests and give them a take-away gift in the form of photo strips. Most booths come with fun props and customizable photo strips to add your name, a logo, etc. The booth is always the talk of the night!
  5. 5. Create A Grand Entrance Themestar-wars-grand-entrance

    • Your grand entrance into the ballroom is going to set the tone for the evening. So, why not start it off with something fun and unique. Here’s a few ideas we’ve actually seen and executed:
      • The Price Is Right (Come On Down!!!)
      • Star Wars
      • Chicago Bulls Themed Entrance (The song is “Sirius” by Allen Parsons)
      • Missions Impossible (with code names for each wedding party member)
  6. 6. Add A Candy Barholbrook-watkins-wedding-9

    • The Candy Bar is a trend we’ve seen more and more. It’s as easy as setting up a table full of everyone’s favorite sugar treats. There’s nothing that peps up a party like some gum balls, pixie sticks, caramel apples, and jelly beans.
  7. 7. Include An Anniversary Dance

    • The Anniversary Dance is a great way to recognize the couples that have lasted the test of time. This dance is where the DJ plays a slow song dedicated to all the married couples. He then starts eliminating couples from the dance floor, starting with “those that have been married for less than 2 hours.” This always gets a chuckle from the crowd. He can then eliminate by counting less than 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and so on, until you get down to the final couple. As a prize, we always ask the longest married couple to give our newlyweds a few words of wisdom. We’ve even had brides give away the bouquet as a prize as well.
  8. 8. Hire A Videographer

    • If there was one thing I could go back and add to my own wedding day, it would be to hire a videographer that could tell a story about our day. Here’s an example from one of our very own events.

    Kelsey + Edgar Wedding Day Short Film, Hotel Andaluz from Luminance Wedding Films on Vimeo.

  9. 9. Add Some Cheese (but not too much)

    • A little cheese to the night can make things fun, depending on your crowd type. Here’s a few ideas we’ve seen that turned out to be pretty fun:
      • Props (Hats, masks, blow-up guitars and microphones, etc.)
      • Choreographed Dances (first dance, grand entrance, etc.)
      • Games/Trivia

  10. 10. Choose A Unique Remote Locationdona-andrea-pana_display

    • If you really want to wow your guests, a great way to do so is to choose a unique location that most of your guests have never been to. We’re not talking about a destination wedding to India, but maybe somewhere within an hours drive from home. Not only will most guests tend to stay longer, but sometimes you get stunning views, unique venues, and lasting memories.

Article written by Chris Romero of Cutmaster Music

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