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What Is
Silent Disco is a party with headphones on. The music is played through our wireless headsets and you have the option to listen to any of 3 different DJs.

Your headphones light up either Red, Green, Or Blue depending on the channel you are listening to and you can see what others are listening to by the color of their headset. Imagine your event having 80’s music, 90’s music, and Current Top-40 and you can hop in and out of different genres all night with 3 different DJs!

Why Would You Consider Having A Silent Disco?
  • Venue Noise Ordinance/Restrictions
  • Give your guests a new listening experience (think cocktail hour or dinner music)
  • You can’t decide which genres of music, so now you can have them all
  • Your guests control their listening experience and can flip through the channels
pricing table
Booking the SIlent Disco Experience starts at a base price of $1200+tax PLUS your headset amount. If you are adding Silent Disco to your Cutmaster Music Package, then you will only pay the additional headset fee.
$ 10 Per Headset
$8 Per Headset
51-100 Headsets
$7 Per Headset
101-150 Headsets
As low as $5
Per Headset
Have A Larger Event?


  1. If we haven’t met yet, let’s setup an appointment to have you into the office for coffee and answer any questions you have. Send an email to or give us a call at 505-508-3489
  2. Let us know that you’re ready to move forward with booking so we can mark your date on the calendar. For popular times of the year, we book out more than a year in advance. May-November are in high demand.
  3. A signed contract and retainer fee of 20% of your total package amount are what lock you into services with Cutmaster Music.