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The Cost Of An Albuquerque Wedding


wedding-costs_jpeg_10000x330_q85I remember planning my wedding 8 years ago (ok… it was mostly my wife), and my wife-to-be and I sat down and tried to guess how much everything would cost. What did we want? Where was it going to be? How many people would we invite? These are all the questions and more, that every bride and groom-to-be are asking themselves as they plan their wedding. Well thank goodness for the internet and collections of databases. We will summarize and detail how much the average wedding in Albuquerque, NM will cost.

According to, the average wedding cost in Bernalillo County is $22,043. On average, couples spent between $16,532 and $27,554 on their wedding. And if you hire experienced professionals, designer labels, popular event locations, customized products etc., then you should expect to pay 50% to 100% more. The amount you pay can also be affected by how many guests you invite. According to the report, these numbers are based on spending couples and not vendor prices, which can have a wide disparity.

Here are a few numbers that may peak your interest when planning for your big day. You can see the whole report by visiting and entering your zip code. These numbers are for Bernalillo county.

Product, Vendor, Service

Average Cost

Professional, Designer, Unique, Experienced Price

Tuxedo $70-$116 $140-$186+
Wedding Dress $820-$1366 $1640-$2186+
Hair Service $43-$71 $86-$114+
Make-Up Service $34-$56 $68-$90+
Manicure & Pedicure $28-$46 $56-$74+
DJ $437-$728 $873-$1164+
Cutmaster Music $1799 $999+ (depending on package and time)
Live Band $963-$1605 $1926-$2568+
Musician/Soloist or Ensemble $336-$560 $672-$896+
Reception Decorations (flowers) $194-$324 $410-$546+
Reception Table Centerpieces $213-$355 $426-$568+
Ceremony Decorations $163-$271 $326-$434+
Ceremony Flower Arrangements $183-$305 $366+$488+
Invitations & Reply Cards $152-$254 $305-$406+
Thanks You Cards $56-$93 $111-$148+
Engagement Ring $2,108-$3,514 $4,217-$5,622+
Wedding Bands $770-$1,283 $1,539-$2,052+
Photography Engagement Session $270-$450 $540-$720+
Wedding Photographer $1,067-$1,788 $2,133-$2,844
Planner (Full Service) $2,390-$3,983 $4,779-$6,372
Limo $313-$512 $626-$834+
Reception Location $2,015-$3,359 $4,031-$5,374+
Wedding Cake $264-$440 $528-$704+


Keep in mind, these are only a few of the associated costs of a wedding. If you have a rehearsal dinner, champagne toasts, videographers, etc, then expect to have additional costs. And just in case you were wondering, Cutmaster Music’s wedding reception packages start at $999 for a 4 hour event, pricing us right in the middle for your experienced, professional DJ. Give us a call today at 505-269-5585 to get a free price quote for your event.


Summary for 2013 Wedding Statistics Albuquerque Metropolitan Area

Number of Weddings 4,976
Average Wedding Cost $21,944
Market Value $109 Million
Average Number of Guests 136 – 146



Article written by Chris Romero of Cutmaster Music

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