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It’s SNOW SEASON at Cutmaster Music

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Best Ways To Make Your Wedding Day Memorable

`When you think of your wedding day what words come to mind? When we ask this question to our couples, oftentimes it’s words like memorable, fun, and elegant. But how do you make that possible? Coming up with ways to make your wedding day memorable or different can be stressful and can often feel overwhelming. With so many different trends happening over social media it’s hard to narrow it down. In this blog, I am going to talk about a few different options you can go with as well as some things I have seen over the years that are played out.

DJ snow machine

What Does Cutmaster Offer?

Have you ever wanted to make it snow inside? Well, Cutmaster Music can make that happen! With our exclusive snow machine, we can create a winter wonderland during special moments on your wedding day. This is an amazing add-on that catches people by surprise and has a real wow factor. Maybe make it snow while you are having your first dance, or during the open dancing. Either way, the snow machine can create incredible memories and really isn’t being done which is why we always recommend it.

Another great add on that we at Cutmaster Music think every wedding needs is a video DJ booth. When I talk to vendors about other DJ’s setups I hear horror stories of hanging cables and just overall bad DJ setups. At Cutmaster Music we believe the DJ booth should not only compliment the wedding but stand out in a way that is elegant and not cheesy. The video DJ booth does just that! You can add so many custom visuals to it and we often suggest running a slideshow of photos to make it even more unique. Now I can’t speak for other DJ’s setups but I know all of this is possible with Cutmaster Music and we have some of the best technology when it comes to creating a visual experience to go along with music. 




What Else Could You Do?


An awesome new trend that we have seen is a voice mail machine used in place of a guest book. Couples provide a special “old school” phone that can connect to an audio recording device and their guests use it to leave a voicemail in place of signing a guest book. This is something that will ‘wow’ your guests and can get pretty fun as the night goes on.

Another great trend is the couple having a pair of sunglasses that have their names and the wedding date written on them. You then hand that one pair out to as many guests as possible and be sure to take a picture of everyone wearing them so you can have a cool collection after. 



After seeing so many weddings throughout the years I have seen a lot of the same things done over and over and with so many trends it is hard to narrow it down to just a couple for your wedding day. At Cutmaster Music, we offer some really unique choices that we believe are the best way to make your wedding day unique and memorable. We also are willing to help you with any other trends you see online because at Cutmaster Music we want every wedding to be different. However you are looking to improve your wedding, we hope these few suggestions can give you inspiration.

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