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Stop Paying For Music & Pay For An Experience


It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post about a topic around YOU, the Bride, the planner, the event host and coordinator. So here it is. A blog post about YOU, our perfect customer.

It’s booking season for most vendors in the entertainment industry. The holidays bring about engagements and the wedding planning begins. And of course, you need entertainment for your guests. As you search for bands, entertainment and DJs, you find that there are lots of options, packages, and pricing. Am I correct so far?

During your search for DJs, you ask yourself questions like “what’s the difference between…” or “why do you cost so much?” or “why does this DJ charge this, but that DJ charges that?” I mean, you’re only looking FOR MUSIC, right?


This is the largest myth when booking your entertainment for your wedding reception. Your wedding should be different than the weddings you have previously been to. It should be more than just music. In our opinion, your wedding is the Disneyland of weddings, it’s the gala of all galas, it’s the biggest show on earth. And it should be AN EXPERIENCE for your guests.

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Not All DJs Are Created Equally

That goes beyond music. With our company, your event is a well coordinated effort between professional DJs, emcees, lighting designers and planners to elevate your vision into an experience your guests will forever remember.

Well, every DJ says they are different, right? They bring the best lights, the latest hits, the best speakers. Sound like a sales pitch you’ve heard before? This is what DJs bank on when they have nothing else to bring to the table. If they are all different, then why do those DJs sound the same, offer the same stuff… the same packages… the same bottom level pricing? There’s nothing different about a DJ that only brings stuff to your event. Stuff = fluff.

So What Makes The Difference?

Back to your question, Why does this DJ cost so much more than the others? And the answer is
really simple. Because they bring more value to the table for your event. And I’m not talking about more valuable speakers and gear. They bring performance value to your event. And every DJs performance value is worth something different. All you have to do is watch 3 different weddings with different DJs, and you will see 3 different events when it comes to energy level, hype, music programming, production and atmosphere. All of that has a value attached to it. Now how much of a value is up to YOU.

Am I Getting Ripped Off?

So how do you know how much a DJs value is if you have never seen them? In today’s age of social media and technology, it’s easier than ever to know what you’re getting before signing on the dotted line. Here are 4 ways that will practically GUARANTEE you are getting yourself a tested and true DJ wedding experience:Cutmaster-Music-Value

  1. Referrals: Trust your friends and family if they have seen a past DJ. Usually they were either very good, or bad. And nobody remembers the mediocre guys.
  2. Reviews: There are many 3rd party review systems out there for you to do a thorough background check on your potential vendors. Due diligence will usually work in your favor before the interview process.  Check out, one of the leading review sites for wedding vendors.
  3. Social Media: This should be an obvious one. Go to their facebook page, their instagram, their snapchat, their twitter, etc. They don’t have any of these? Uh Oh! 
  4. Website: Most people search websites for info, which is definitely what you should be doing, but here’s a tip to get real information. Do they include pics of their DJs? Do they have videos of themselves in action? Or do they use stock photos on their site? Stock photos and videos make it seem as if they are hiding something. Vendors don’t usually display their work because in their eyes, it’s probably not ‘good enough’. And if it’s not good enough for them, then it’s definitely not good enough for you. So, beware if you don’t see a lot of actual pics and video. Know what you are getting when it comes to your DJ.

Don’t Buy Into The Myth That It’s Only Music

Brides are getting smarter and you are one of them. Your event deserves to be a true unique experience. Let’s be honest, you have been planning this in your head for a very long time. And you are putting a lot of time, effort, energy, and money into an event company to insure everything goes smoothly and that your guests have an amazing time. And at the end of the day, each company usually has a pretty good grasp on their value. If you need to double check, just ask your friends, venue coordinators, or the Google. You can only put a $500 price tag on a DJ that values himself and his gear, but doesn’t value his performance. A DJ that values YOU and your vision and has the professional experience and ability to take it to a level you hadn’t imagined… well, that’s invaluable.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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