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Wedding Tips Tuesday | 8-27-19

5 things to ponder about your wedding day

Hi All! #WeddingTipsTuesdays is your newsletter of 5 tips, hacks, tricks and helpful tidbits to help your wedding planning. If there’s anything you would like for us to tackle, please let me know. Enjoy this week’s hacks and thoughts!  
  • Ceremony Music Trends
  Today’s couples are steering away from most traditional music when it comes to parts of their wedding. Pre-ceremony is one of those areas couples are taking advantage of adding their own twist to the music. As the guests are arriving and finding their seats, we’re seeing more and more unique playlists. Here’s a compilation of recent songs we’ve played that are on the Indie vibe. Check it out!    
  • Photo Ops We’re Trying Out
Want to add some cool pops of color to your wedding pics and do something different for “the gram?”. Pictures with smoke bombs are super fun. Try it! We did with our company pics.  cutmaster music team 2018
  • Pro Tip For Toasts
As an Emcee, we’ve pretty much seen anything and everything when it comes to toasts. Here’s a few tips to tell your Best Man and Maid Of Honor when giving their speech. 1. Keep it short. I’d say it needs to be under 5 minutes, with the sweet spot being around three to four. 2. Tell a story. People love these, but make it tasteful, funny and sentimental if possible. 3. PRACTICE! Practice your speech beforehand so you are prepared. Do not wing this moment or you will have a higher probability of saying something you might regret, talk too long, and create an awkward moment instead of something memorable for the right reasons. 
  • Wedding Pro We’re Following
@meldeenink is a design and paper concepts company owned by @gokaleigh. Visit Meldeen to gather inspiration for wedding invitations and creative input for your wedding! 
  • Pro DJ Tip: Set the tone right!
Have fun with your grand entrance into the reception. This is a defining moment for your event. You will set the tone for the evening when you enter and it’s important that your DJ, band, emcee get it right!  I suggest using fun, upbeat, recognizable music. We like to loop the intro of the song, so we’re not talking over lyrics. Then when we hype the audience and finally introduce the couple, we then punch into the chorus of the song and create a matching atmosphere with the lights. Take advantage of this moment to wow your guests and prepare them for an awesome evening to come!   Please give me feedback on social @cutmasterchris. Which bullet above is your favorite? What do you want more or less of? Other suggestions? Let me know! Just send a tweet to @cutmasterchris and put #weddingtiptuesday at the end so I can find it.   Have a wonderful week, all!   Chris

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