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Questions You Should Ask The DJ Before Hiring

Questions for your DJ

Have you ever been to a wedding where the DJ did something terrible and you think to yourself “Wow, I hope this doesn’t happen at my wedding”? Maybe the DJ decided to play music he thinks works for the event instead of what you chose. Or Maybe the DJ shows up in jeans and a tuxedo t-shirt (I’ve heard crazy stories, trust me). Either way, a lot of these things can be avoided by asking the right questions during the interview process. 


In this short read, you’ll find some of the best questions we wished were asked more often during the interview. These questions will really help give you a good understanding of the company you will be interviewing and help give you a feel if this is the right person you want for your wedding day.

What are you going to wear to the event?

Like I said in the intro how scary would it be to have your DJ show up in jeans and a tuxedo t-shirt!? Well, that can easily be avoided by asking your potential DJs “what do you plan on wearing to my wedding”? Sometimes couples can vibe with a DJ in some jeans, a nice button-up shirt, and a jacket. But it’s also not unexpected to ask your DJ to dress up for your big day. Here at Cutmaster we often wear slacks, a button-up shirt, and a matching jacket. Sometimes we’ll spice it up with a fresh pair of kicks to match the suit or maybe a cool tie to go with the colors for the wedding but depending on what you want you should always ask your DJ what they plan to wear. This can very much make an impression on the event as a whole. 

Dj Chris Carl Bao

How can my guests make requests before the wedding day?

A major part of the wedding day is music and incorporating it in different ways is a great way to make your wedding day unique. Now it’s obvious that you will talk about music with your DJ before the wedding day but what a lot of couples forget to ask about is how can their guests make requests before the big day. One idea we often suggest is to create a playlist on Apple Music or Spotify. You then can put in your own requests as well as share the playlist with your guests for them to make requests too. Here at Cutmaster, we have an app exclusive to us that allows you to not only do that but also put in special requests for those special moments like the first dance and grand entrance. It is important to think about music for your wedding day and it’s always important to keep your guests’ music interests in mind. So always be sure to ask how you and your guests can make music requests before the wedding day. 

Do you have pictures or videos of you performing in the last year?

Every couple wants to see the DJ’s they are inquiring about in action. Unfortunately it’s not the best practice to invite potential clients to weddings that the DJ has already booked. So the next best thing is to ask them for any photos or videos from past events they have DJ’d. Any good DJ in 2022 is going to have some video of them working an event. Another good rule of thumb is check their social media accounts. It’s important to stay active on social media and if they haven’t posted since 2019 you may want to rethink hiring them. 



There are so many questions you can ask your DJ when it comes to your wedding day but these three are some of the questions we wished were asked more often. What they are going to wear, how can my guests make requests before the wedding day, and do you have any footage of you working an event? These questions will help give you some good insight on the type of person you could work with and if two match up with the same vision. A couple bonus questions are “Does your rate include set-up and tear down time”? & “How many years have you been DJing weddings professionally”? We hope these questions can better give you guidance on what to ask your DJ before hiring them.

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