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DJ Tony’s Top-5 Wedding Trends

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Did you know that around 2.5 million weddings are expected to happen this year! That is the most since 1984. This is according to a group of data gathered by The Wedding Report . This is because most of the weddings that were planned for the last two years are now becoming rescheduled to this year on top of newly engaged couples over the pandemic. 

With so many weddings happening this year it’s hard to stand out or come up with things that will make your wedding day unique. So what we did is we took a look at a bunch of different wedding blog posts as well as asked local vendors what they are seeing more of and we came up with a nice list of some of the top and newest trends for weddings in 2022. 

  1. Have A Signature Cocktail During Your Cocktail Hour
  2. Custom Neon Signs 
  3. Creative Eating & Catering
  4. Personalized Details
  5. Flowers Done A Different Way


1. Have A Signature Cocktail During Your Cocktail Hour

One way to make the day unique is through your beverages and creating one or two signature cocktails that help enhance the guest experience and give them something to talk about. We say you should choose a drink that both represents you two and this is often best served during the cocktail hour. We also always recommend having a non-alcoholic option for the people who don’t drink, DDs and the kids. Below we have provided a few options to get you inspired on what you may want for your wedding day!

  1. Alcoholic
    • Self Serve tap
    • Strawberry Rose Punch
    • Bourbon Peach Smash
    • Blackberry Whiskey Lemonade
  2. Non-Alcoholic
    • Lavender Lemonade 
    • Cherry Blossom Tea & Pink Lemonade 
    • White Peach Iced Tea 
    • Lemon & Sage Seltzer 

2. Custom Neon Signs

 The cool thing about custom neon signs is not only are they unique but they also will last longer than one day like most things on your wedding day. You can create something like a phrase that you always say to each other or a quote from a movie. A classic is to use the last name you will be taking together but the options are really endless. The best thing about it is no matter what you pick you get to take it home and use it for cocktail parties at home or maybe even a family photoshoot 5 years later with it in the background. Either way, a neon sign really gives a wow factor when guests see it throughout the entire night.


3. Creative Eating & Catering

When you think about the guests at your wedding you want them to have a unique experience and what better way than with food. We often expect dinner and some type of dessert to happen but we forget that there are ways to spice that part up too! Here are some ideas for you to consider when thinking about food. 

Doughnut Dessert Wall – This is a great way to add color to your wedding without spending too much on a sweet treat after dinner. 

Paleta Cart – Having someone coming in with a cart during the open dance portion of the evening is so unexpected and often is quite refreshing after breaking a sweat on the dance floor. 

Build Your Own Dessert Bar – This can be done in many different ways but is always so fun for everyone. From doing something simple like a chocolate fountain to something extravagant like cookies and cake pops, the possibilities are endless.

Take-Home Cake Boxes – Couples often get upset that the cake that they spent a lot of money on doesn’t end up being eaten by their guests at the end of the night. A great way to fix that is to give your guests a customized box with a piece to take home. 

Late Night Food Truck After The Reception – After you have finished dancing the night away you and your guests are going to be hungry. Why not have a Food Truck come by for some late-night tacos or some dessert to go with your final drinks while the night finishes up.  

4. Personalized Details

We all have our own story to tell and what better day to tell your love story than your wedding day. Each and every one of us has a unique love story and there are definitely a few ways that you can share that with your guests. Here are a few that we think could be a great addition to anyone’s wedding day. 

Letter written to each table 

Nothing says personalization like a custom-written letter to each one of your tables on the wedding day. Couples will often be very busy taking pictures, eating, and get so caught up in the day that they miss seeing some guests entirely. Sure you can try and talk to each table but just in case you miss a couple a quick thank you letter to the table thanking them for coming can go a long way. 

Custom photo at each table 

Photos of the couple can be tricky to place but a great way to share pictures of the couple is with the table numbers. You can do something like a fun fact sheet with the table number on top, a picture of the couple, and a fun fact about them. You can also put pictures of the couple at the age they were that matches the table numbers. For example table 1 would have pictures of the couple at the age of 1 and then table 2 would have the same and so on. One final idea that we always love to see is a custom slide show that is either projected onto a screen or shown through some mounted screens. 

Custom 3D View Master


Do you remember those toys we had in the 90s where you would look through them and you could cycle through a bunch of different images? Well, how cool would it be if you could make custom ones? Now you can! If you go look online you can find Custom 3D View Master Slides and add photos that tell your story. This is something that is super unique and gives a nostalgic feel.


5. Flowers Done A Different Way 

Flowers are a must when it comes to a wedding but thinking of a new way to display them can be tricky. A great new trend we are seeing is elevated centerpieces. This gives the look that flowers are hanging from the ceiling without actually hanging them from the ceiling. A good tip is to make sure that the flowers are high enough for your guests to talk to each other. If you do have the option to hang your flowers from the ceiling we recommend using silver or gold rings and wrapping flowers around them. Both ways can help elevate the look of your reception space even if it is just for the head table or all tables. 


In this blog, we talked about 5 different tips that include having a signature cocktail during your cocktail hour, custom neon signs, creative eating & catering ideas, ways to more personalize your wedding day with details, and setting up your flowers in a new and different way. These were only some of our favorite trends of 2022 and we are excited to see which ones stick and which ones don’t. With over 2 million weddings happening this year it’s hard to find ways to stand out. Hopefully, after reading these tips and trends you can be inspired and find guidance on what you may want on your big day.

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