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10 Tips When Hiring Your DJ

Congratulations, you just got engaged! There’s so many things to get organized. Where are we going to get married? What are our colors going to be? Who’s going to be the best man? How many people should we invite? And the list goes on and on and on. And usually after all the initial wedding frenzy has settled, you then remember, “oh yeah… we need to have a party!”

Here are our top ten items to take into consideration when searching for your dj:

1. DJ Personality. What type of DJ do you want? Fun, relaxed, cheesy, hype, mellow?

2. Package offerings. Some DJ companies offer more than others. Some offer complete packages, others offer items a la carte. Either way, make sure the package you choose includes everything you want in sound and lighting decor.

3. Price. In this industry, the ol’ saying prevails… you usually get what you pay for. And unfortunately, you will also find the gamut of DJs when it comes to pricing and offerings. In the end, I’d budget the most money to the aspects of the wedding day that are the most important. And if entertaining guests matters to you, then expect to budget accordingly. Remember, all markets are different (which is why this area is a little vague).

4. References/Reviews. When narrowing down your list of DJs, make sure to ask for references. At minimum, use the tools at hand and Google the reviews on your DJ. Some reputable sources include Wedding Wire, The Knot, and Google Reviews. You might also check with local venue coordinators, as they tend to see DJs daily and usually know the good ones around town.

5. Experience. All DJs start somewhere. But should their start be your wedding? DJs only get better with each and every event. And when it comes to weddings, not all are the same. So an experienced DJ has seen many types of events and weddings, making him/her more versatile.

6. Music Collection. You want to be sure your DJ has a music collection that can meet your needs and is also familiar with the genres you request.

7. Add-Ons. Don’t think of add-ons as a way for a DJ to nickel & dime you. Think of them as a way to enhance your event space and party. Most add-ons tend to be lighting features or other cool forms of entertainment such as photo booths.

8. Attire. Make sure you address attire with your DJ. Not every DJ shows up in a tux, nor should they per se. Every wedding is unique. Just make sure to communicate with your DJ what the expected attire is. I’d hate for your DJ to show in a tux for a beach wedding 😉

9. Backup Plan. This is one item often overlooked. What happens if a speaker blows? What happens if a light doesn’t work? What happens if the laptop dies or a hard drive crashes? What if your DJ is sick? What is your DJ’s backup plan. And if they can’t answer within 5 seconds, I’d move onto the next DJ interview quickly. All professional DJs have a plan in place.

10. Coordination & Planning. At the end of the day, most DJs end up acting as your coordinator for the reception. We always create an itinerary of the events happening for every reception and make copies for all photographers, videographers, event coordinators, etc. It’s very important everyone is on the same page that day and it’s important to us that we try to stay on task  and on time with the formalities as best we can. Here’s a sample of what ours might look like.


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