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The Value Of A DJ

I had a client meeting this past week and I was asked a question that’s been asked time and time again. “Why are your rates higher than other quotes we’ve received?” The question is valid and is often debated on professional DJ forums and blogs all the time. When a potential client asks me this question, what I really hear is “How do you justify your value?” This post is an attempt to display our worth and value as a DJ in Albuquerque and why you should be aware of the value of a professional DJ.

What Is The Standard?

When you start interviewing DJ’s, you quickly find out that every DJ and DJ company is different. Prices are all over the place and packages are all different as well. Unfortunately, there is no ‘standard’ when it comes to DJ packages and pricing, making it very difficult to choose the DJ that is the right fit for you. So how do you know which DJ to choose? It makes sense to book the cheaper DJ since all they’re doing is playing music, right? This is where many brides make a huge mistake. EXCEPT… they don’t find out until after their event has come and gone, to never get that day back again.

What Makes You Different?

So, what is it that makes every DJ different? Here’s a few points that make every DJ different from another, because not every DJ has the same offerings or skill set. As a client, some may matter to you more than others, which may also justify a DJ’s ‘worth’ to you, but may also justify a DJ’s ‘worth’ to themselves (which should be reflected in their pricing scheme).

  • Experience – A DJ should charge more for their invested DJ time and invaluable learning experiences. It only makes sense that with more practice and events under your belt, the better and more valuable you become.
  • Skill set – Not all DJ’s are created equal. Some have club experience, some only practice in their bedroom once a week, and others only know how to work an ipod. Does your DJ beatmatch? Do they have public speaking skills? What about organization and running your event smoothly? What skills do your DJ bring to the table?
  • Equipment – Although many clients are not versed in DJ equipment and may not know what is good or bad, there are a few things that are important when it comes to DJ gear.

– First and foremost, does your DJ include back-up equipment? If they are a digital DJ, is there a plan in place if the laptop or any digital players malfunction?

– Do they invest in professional grade gear? Or, do they buy their speakers and equipment from Costco? If you get a chance, go listen to your DJ in a live setting and hear for yourself if they invest in quality speakers, microphones, and lighting. You can tell the difference between lighting in a high end nightclub and something you would find in the party aisle at Wal-Mart.

  • DJ ‘Fitness’ – Usually one conversation is all it will take for you to know whether your DJ is a good fit for you. Do they have a personality that matches your ideal emcee? Do they have the look you are after? Do they present themselves in a professional manner? Are they serious about the time and investment in your event, or is this just another ‘gig’ for them? Your gut feeling is usually right when it comes to answering these questions, making the DJ interviewing process extremely important.

What is Your “Value?”

How does Cutmaster Music justify our value to a client?


It’s really simple. It all starts with our first impression and continues during our consultation process, culminating with your event. So, what does a DJ really bring to the table?

  1. We are your coordinators – We go through the reception planning process from beginning to end, making sure we create an event that fits your vision.
  2. Personal Attention – Your event is just as important as the next. We have you in contact and planning with your actual DJ, creating a high level of comfort and trust.
  3. Experience – Our wedding DJ’s have been DJ’ing weddings and other events for over 12 years and can work with you to create the perfect event.
  4. Professional Gear – The gear doesn’t make the DJ, but it sure makes a great DJ look and sound superb! We offer the best in mobile sound and lighting.
  5. Versatility – Coordinating with all your vendors creates a team effort ensuring a successful event. Our goal is to create a worry-free wedding day for you.
  6. Style & Quality – We are constantly striving to push barriers in the Albuquerque wedding scene, providing quality DJ’s combined with quality performance. We bring a young, energetic, contemporary flavor to your event mixed with your vision to create an extraordinary show for all your guests.
  7. The Intangibles – There’s a lot that goes into a Cutmaster event that many will say, you just have to experience it. The mood, the vibe, the ability to adjust and adapt on the fly. Every event is unique because every crowd is different. Read the reviews and visit our facebook page to see what others have felt on a Cutmaster Music dance floor.

The Cost of a DJ in Albuquerque

The cost of a DJ in Albuquerque is determined by many factors. If you search long enough, you will find you can hire a DJ for as little as $200 (or less) and as much as $5000+ for a 4 hour event. So, what should you expect to pay for a quality, professional DJ in Albuquerque?

According to, an average professional wedding DJ in Albuquerque costs between $873 – $1164+. To read more about the cost of a DJ and other vendors, see our blog post The Cost Of An Albuquerque Wedding.

So, you might wonder why this is important. If you expect to have an event that is above average and will exceed your expectations and want a DJ that is in demand for his/her services week in/week out, then expect to pay more. But even more important, expect to get more and expect to get what you want. A DJ that knows their value, charges what they are worth.

Value Your Event

When searching for your DJ, budget is always of concern and should be taken into account when planning your event. But, don’t forget about value, which is the real question to ask yourself. What parts of your event are of most value? And where should you invest, when it comes to your big day? I suggest you invest into your guests having a great time at your reception, enjoy your day worry-free, and know that everything is in good hands and with confidence will turn out amazing. Most professional DJ’s know the value of this, know the value they bring to the table, and reflect this value in the final price quote.











Article written by Chris Romero of Cutmaster Music

Check out Chris’s Google+ profile.