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Vendor Check!

Every now and then I like to write a blog post giving reviews on wedding venues around the Albuquerque area and thought it was time to write a review on the vendors we have worked with. Most of the time the DJ is last vendor hired by brides, but sometimes we are asked about vendors we like. Well if you have found this post by perusing the interwebs, then we’d like to welcome you to our first vendor review. For this review, I am going to focus on planners and photographers we have worked with closely. Fortunately (for these vendors) we are only going to review vendors we like. I figure, there’s no use in wasting time bashing others. We have worked with many other vendors, but these are a few that we have worked with recently or have worked many events together. Also, these vendors are listed in no particular order. The fact of the matter is, we LOVE them all! So, let’s get on with it…

Wedding Planners

Jessie Abrams Baca – Married by Jessie Abrams Baca

Jessie is one of our favorite planners to work with! She mainly runs weddings out of the Santa Fe area. We’ve worked many events with her at the Hacienda Dona Andrea. She’s always very organized and definitely makes her clients feel very comfortable and relaxed during all the chaos of a typical wedding day. Jessie seems to always wear a smile and can sometimes be found jamming to the sounds of Cutmaster Music while bouncing around from room to room keeping things in order. You can read more about Jessie at her websiteMarried: By Jessie Abrams Baca. Also be sure to get some great planning tips from her blog at The Hitching Post.

Camilla Dominguez – Corazon Events

Camilla is also another wonderful planner to work with. You may have noticed her in films or tv commercial ads in Albuquerque. We’ve been doing weddings with Camilla for a few years and eachtime we work with her it’s always stress free and fun! She runs Corazon Events out of the Albuquerque area, which prides itself in their impeccable organizational skills. They have worked with many big name clients such as MTV, Lionsgate Films, and The Learning Annex, just to name a few. If you are looking for someone to make sure things are worry-free, in order and on time, then check out Camilla

Sara Heffern- Inn At Rio Rancho

Sara is one of the newest planners we’ve had the opportunity to work with. She is the event coordinator at the Inn at Rio Rancho. See seems to always be in tune with her clients and knows how to spruce up her events with add-ons such as uplighting and drapery. She has definitely turned the ballroom at the Inn at Rio Rancho into a hidden gem in the Albuquerque area. To contact Sara, visit the Inn at Rio Rancho’s Wedding Site.

The Event Coordinating Staff at Sandia Casino- Sandia Casino

We have had the great opportunity to work with the event coordinators at Sandia, including Beth, Lesley, and Victor. They provide their clients with many options and looks for any event. They have various ceremony and reception areas depending on what look and feel you want for your event. I’ve noticed that their events tend to run smoothly and are very organized. If you are looking for an event with the casino flair, hit these guys up at

Ashley Armstrong- Los Poblanos Inn 

Ashley is another one of Albuquerque’s great wedding planners. Not only does she work at one of the most unique venues, but she also has had the opportunity to organize many weddings and prestigious events such as the visitation of Mrs. Obama! Ashley is also very organized, and always willing to do what it takes to make sure her clients are stress free and having fun. Check out Los Poblanos and Ashley at Los Poblanos Weddings.

Jena Brazil- Hyatt Tamaya

Cutmaster Music had the pleasure to work a first time event with Jena about a month ago.  She masterfully coordinated the efforts of multiple audio and visual vendors, catering, event production crews and other ins and outs I’m sure I never saw, to put on one of the coolest events we’ve been a part of. I can only imagine the efforts that would go into one of her weddings. If you are looking into a wedding at the Tamaya, Jena is sure to put you at ease that things will be perfect that day!


Rick Meiers & DeAnna Demmitt- Dry Heat Photography

DeAnna and Rick are simply awesome! Yes, I am very biased because they actually shot my wedding photos when working for another company at the time. They have also shot some family pics for us as well. So, I have first hand experience with them and have gone through the process from start to finish. Anyone that has worked with Rick & DeAnna will tell you they are both very laid-back personalities and have a knack for getting unique shots. And after dealing with my grumpy two-year old in the Bosque, they also proved to be very versatile. Check out Rick & DeAnna at Dry Heat Photography.

Kaethe Richter & QiaoQiao Jade – K. Mari Photography &Q.Q. Jade Photography

Kaethe & QiaoQiao are a young and very dynamic duo! We have only had the opportunity to work with them recently, but they very quickly became some of our favorite photographers to work with. Their work speaks for itself, just check out their websites. But even more important is that their clients seem to really enjoy them during the process. They also seem to have a unique perspective and approach toward photographing a wedding. Kaethe mentioned to me how she likes to tell the story of that day and capture it in snapshots. And QiaoQiao was nice enough to snap a few pics for us as well! That’s the biggest thing that I love about these ladies…. they’re just simply nice! They might be new to the scene, but I have a feeling we will see Kaethe and QiaoQiao at many events for years to come!

Kim Jackson – Kim Jackson Photography

Once again, what can I say? Kim is simply awesome! (I know… a common theme of the vendors we enjoy 🙂 She is another photographer with great personality and definitely has her unique perspective. You will notice right away when looking at her website that she’s not your typical point and shoot photographer. She just sees things different, which is why she’s so popular. Be sure to visit her blog, where not only is she good with the camera, but could also pose for a poet. Her event haiku’s are amazing! Check out Kim’s photography and blog HERE.

Steven St. John- Nuevo Destination Wedding Photo Journalism

Steve is also another photographer I’m very biased towards because he’s a good friend whom I’ve known longer than any of the other photographers. But friendship aside, this guy can straight up get you pictures you won’t see from others. He used to be a photographer for the former Albuquerque Tribune and has done many other journalism photo ventures. Which brings us to Steve’s unique perspective of wedding photo journalism. He is another photographer that definitely aspires to tell your story with his camera. Take one look at hisgallery and blog and you will immediately see why his style of wedding photography is highly recommended from past clientele.

Talitha Tarro- Photography by Talitha A. Tarro

In one word, Talitha is AWESOME! (Call me Mr. Obvious…) Just like her name, she brings a fun and unique perspective to her clients. We have only worked a couple of events with her, but I have to say that one of the first things I noticed was how nice she was. Although I’m sure she’s very serious about her craft, she makes working an event seem so effortless. I’m sure this can be echoed by her clients. As I first browsed through her portfolio, I noticed how engaging her pictures are. Check out Talitha at

Seth Goodman- Seth Goodman Photography

Seth is another of Albuquerque’s finest photographers. We have done many events with him over the years and he is a staple in the Albuquerque wedding scene. One of the coolest things about Seth is that he has traveled the world to snap wedding photos. Check out his blog at and you can see some of the amazing shots he has taken most recently in Italy! Always equipped with an amazing eye and good humor in hand, check out Seth at Seth Goodman Photography!

So Who Do I Use?

Ultimately, you will choose a planner or photographer that fits with your style and personality. I don’t think any of the above are a perfect fit for everyone, but I personally would hire any of these vendors for my own wedding. Cutmaster Music is not the perfect DJ for everyone either. There are many variables that come into play when choosing your vendors. I always suggest you interview multiple vendors and usually your gut will lead you in the right direction. Reviews from others (especially those you trust) can also come in handy. We will update our vendor reviews from time to time. I’m sure there are other great photographers and planners that we have yet to experience or work with. So, subscribe to our blog and keep up with us as we continue to bring you more wedding related topics.

Article written by Chris Romero of Cutmaster Music

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