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Wedding Tips Tuesday | 6-25-19

5 things to ponder about your wedding day

Hi All!

This blog/newsletter is geared toward new wedding couples as they take on the journey and beast that is Wedding Planning. Every Tuesday I will write 5 things that I think you should know about your wedding day. This might be something I’ve witnessed recently at an event, something I’m pondering in general, maybe a great book I’m reading or a quote from it, or maybe some insight from one of my amazing industry friends. It’s designed to be a “quick-hitter” and easy-read to get the idea factory churning in your mind as you plan for your big day. I hope you enjoy it and if so, would love for you to share it with someone you know that might find it useful.

  • Long Toast Hack  –

What do you do if your best man just won’t shut the heck up during the toast? This one is really simple and I’ll give reasoning as to why you DO NOT want your DJ to cut him off. First, you want people on the DJ’s side. Remember, you hire them to bring on the party. Don’t make him/her out to be the bad guy here. The family will hate him for cutting the microphone during a toast. Here’s the solution: when you notice this repetitive or inappropriate speech has gone on long enough, YOU as the Bride or Groom can stand up and walk over to the toaster and just stand there right next to them. They will immediately get the memo to wrap it up. And NOBODY can hate you for it (and will probably thank you later) and your DJ is still is good graces with your guests. Problem solved and hopefully you can get those grueling 20 minutes of your life back on your honeymoon 🙂

  • Wedding Trend You Should Ditch – 

Gifts. I hate to say it, but hardly anyone wants to take home bubbles, or a packet of seeds to plant with your name on it. You are already putting on a super cool event for your guests. But, if you feel the need to gift, then think of something fun or experience driven. For example, photobooths are great guest experiences and they can take multiple pics throughout the night and they will stick them on the refrigerator remembering your event for years after.  It’s a fun experience and momento of the big day and saves your parents the headache of collecting thousands of bubbles to take home at the end of the night. 

  • Article I’m reading

Wedding photographer, bride offer reward after photos from the ceremony are lost. I’m not sure what could have been done in this particular instance, but it reminds me that one should always have a backup plan in place. What will your photographer do if the camera gets broken? What will your DJ do when his hard drive fails? What will the videographer do when their lapel microphone gets dropped during the ceremony? While planning your wedding, ask the “What if…” questions and make sure a plan B is in place for all important elements. 


  • Inspirational Instagram I’m Following

@djbrianbofficial I have personally known Brian Bounassissi for a few years now and have to say he’s one of the most inspirational figures in our industry. Brian is travel DJ, flying all over the world to entertain all types of different events. Check out Brian’s instagram and follow along to gain global insight and inspiration for your own wedding. 

  • Something Different We’ve Been Doing At Events Recently

Silent disco. What the heck is a Silent Disco and why do I need this at my wedding? Silent Disco is the newest fad to hit the wedding scene. Here’s the breakdown” you put on a set of headphones and have a choice of channels to list to different types of music. You can change channels at any given time. Why would you use this? 1. Many venues have noise ordinances and have to shut down amplified music after a certain time. Now you can keep going with Silent Disco. 2. You want to give your guests an experience they have never seen before. 3. You can have multiple DJs with different genres at your event! 4. IT’S COOL! We recently ran Silent Disco for the first time. Click on this link and see how much fun our guests were having at the wedding. It was crazy cool!


Please give me feedback on social @cutmasterchris. Which bullet above is your favorite? What do you want more or less of? Other suggestions? Let me know! Just send a tweet to @cutmasterchris and put #weddingtiptuesday at the end so I can find it.

Have a wonderful week, all!