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Wedding Tips Tuesday | 6-18-19


5 things to ponder about your wedding day


Hi All!


I hope you have found the first couple of #WeddingTipsTuesdays newsletters helpful and insightful into your wedding planning. If there’s anything you would like for us to tackle, please let me know. Enjoy this next list of wedding tips and hacks 🙂


  • Traditions We Are Seeing Less Of 


Bouquet & Garter Toss. We are seeing less and less traditional wedding formalities and frankly, we are excited to see most of the go! The bouquet and garter tosses are one of those. The reason? Because for many couples it’s quite embarassing to have the DJ throw on Ginuwine’s “Pony” and watch Grandma almost have a heart attack as she watches a sleezy lap dance and the groom hike his head up her granddaughters skirt. If you like sticking with the formalities, something we’ve seen and love is ditching the garter toss altogether and either do a bouquet toss, or in lieu of a bouquet toss, do the anniversary dance and give the bouquet to the longest married couple (usually your Grandparents). 


  • What we’re seeing couples give as gifts


Photobooth Pic L-Frames. We have seen a surge in photobooths over the last few years and what better way to encourage guests to use the booth and take home a memento of the big day, by placing these L-Frames at each place setting. Give them a gift they will actually place in the home for years to come, instead of leaving hundreds of bubbles in the ballroom for you to pick up after event. 


  • Playlist I’m Following & Listening To As I’m Getting Ready For A Wedding (And So Should you!)


Cutmaster Music Mixcloud. The reason most couples book us is that they’ve seen us in action before. Get hyped up for your big day by throwing on music mixes by the DJs you’re going to be rocking with later on. There’s multiple genres and styles mixed by the DJs of Cutmaster Music. Let’s get ready to party down. And feel free to rock them prior… at the gym, in your car, and anytime you want crazy good DJ vibes. 


  • RSVP Wedding Hack


Write a number on the back of every RSVP card. If the RSVP comes back and is illegible, then you will know who it’s from. 


  • If We Could Do It All Over Again


My wife and I have been married almost 15 years. We had almost 300 people at our wedding and I was fairly new in the industry as a DJ. From time to time we’ll reminisce about our wedding day. And although it was super fun, the one thing we regret is inviting as many people as we did. This is not to knock the larger weddings and parties if that’s your jam. But, I have definitely noticed that the smaller weddings (150 or less) tend to have less stressed couples and I feel like their interactions with their guests are deeper. Mainly, because they have the ability to really take the time and truly interact with all their guests. Although a 500+ person wedding (yes we do those!) are super fun for dance-floors, I find it hard for couples to have really meaningful interaction with all those people because of the nature of the day and being pulled so many directions. Just food for thought as you are trying to figure out that guest-list and who your favorite 3rd Cousin is. 


Please give me feedback on social @cutmasterchris. Which bullet above is your favorite? What do you want more or less of? Other suggestions? Let me know! Just send a tweet to @cutmasterchris and put #weddingtiptuesday at the end so I can find it.


Have a wonderful week, all!