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Under Pressure: Planning the Perfect Prom

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As adults get further away from their high school days, they tend to forget just how important it is to be “cool”. Looking back on their prom days comes mostly with with nostalgia, and maybe some slight cringing. But prom is still a big deal for teens, and the pressures that come with planning everything while also keeping up with the current cultural trends can be overwhelming. For those of you that may be feeling a little out of the loop, take a look at some comparisons of what’s popular in 2018, versus back in the day.


So now that you’re up to speed on trends (or maybe even more lost) let’s talk about some tips for reducing the stress around prom planning.


Think Ahead

Depending on where you are in the country, you could be headed to prom anywhere between March and June. No matter when your prom falls, if you start your planning 6 months in advance, things will go much smoother. Limousine companies, photographers, restaurants; these things book up fast around prom season. And since neighboring school districts will often hold their proms the same weekend, you might be dealing with more competition than you think. If you can get a head start, you’ll be in great shape by the time the big night rolls around.


Shop Online

Is there anything you can’t find online nowadays? Forget going from store to store to find the right dress, or getting a big box suit from a decades-old chain store. Girls can easily find brand name dresses at places like Lending Luxury, while guys can use vendors like The Black Tux to rent suits and tuxedos online for prom.

And don’t forget about your accessories! Rent stunning Jewelry pieces for a fraction of their in-store costs! Getting everything you need online will help drastically decrease your stress levels.  


Get The Best DJ

The people on the prom planning committee can’t relax until the night is over. They have to make sure there’s enough refreshments, collect votes for prom king and queen, and generally make sure everyone is having a great time. In our humble opinion, music is the most important part of the night, and you don’t want to be stuck at the mercy of a lackluster DJ. The best way to ensure prom perfection is to get a DJ that is guaranteed to keep the party pumping all night. Cutmaster Music will work with you to set the right atmosphere for your prom and play those high energy tracks that will keep your classmates on their feet!

If you’re outside of the Albuquerque area and still need to find a quality prom DJ, sites like GigSalad can be used to find the best fit for you!


Focus On The Fun

Like we already mentioned, the pressures to stay on top of current trends and impress your peers at prom is truly formidable. But honestly, the number one way to avoid prom planning stress, is to simply do what you want and focus on having a good time. Prom is a once in a lifetime event for most people. When you look back on it, do you want to remember how your dress compared to the prom queen’s? Or how someone else’s dance moves were better than yours? No. You want to remember the fun you had with your date, the smiles on the faces of your friends, and feeling the freedom of youth while you stand on the edge of adulthood. Don’t let the thoughts of others rob you of of a good time. Be yourself, be safe, and have fun!

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