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Wedding Tips Tuesday | 9-24-19

5 things to ponder about your wedding day

Hi All! #WeddingTipsTuesdays is your newsletter of 5 tips, hacks, tricks and helpful tidbits to help your wedding planning. If there’s anything you would like for us to tackle, please let me know. Enjoy this week’s hacks and thoughts!  

  • We’re pondering Iphones instead of photographers

This article details exactly why you need to do your homework when hiring vendors. Unfortunately, weddings are not cheap. And if your vendors are cheap, the reality is that they are probably not selling a professional-level of service. The great ones price their services accordingly because they are in higher demand and typically have a greater skill set and experience. With all of that comes a greater level of trust and security of your investment. In this case, the $1000 Iphone was actually better than the $800 photographer and it shows in pics. I’d say this couple got exactly what they paid for.    

  • Let’s discuss that Boho-Chic Hair

Here’s an article with some Hair-spiration for that Bohemian Chic style you’ve been eye-balling. 

  • We’re contemplating why so many Soonlyweds get STDs

Now that we have your attention, check out the lingo you should learn when planning your wedding 🙂

  • We’re reading articles that save you money

Here’s an article detailing 5 reasons you’re spending too much on your wedding. Don’t get trapped by these wedding habits. 

  • Where we’re going on our next honeymoon

Have you picked your honeymoon destination yet? Here’s the Top-20 honeymoon destinations for 2020. 


Please give me feedback on social @cutmasterchris. Which bullet above is your favorite? What do you want more or less of? Other suggestions? Let me know! Just send a tweet to @cutmasterchris and put #weddingtiptuesday at the end so I can find it.   Have a wonderful week, all!   Chris

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