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First, choose which experience fits your event best.

The Signature Experience is designed for smaller to mid-sized events. If your event has less than 150 guests, then this is probably the package for you! It includes simple sound, uplighting and a small dance floor light show.

  • Small sound system sized for appropriate space
  • 10 Uplights
  • DJ booth facade
  • Microphone for speeches, announcements, etc.
  • Choice in Cutmaster Music DJ/Emcee (upon availability)
  • Exclusive Custom event planning app powered by VIBO
  • Lighting choice of LED Tubes or 2 Towers with Movers

The Premier Experience includes everything in the Signature Experience, but is designed with a larger events in mind. If your event has more than 150 guests or is in a larger event space, then you should consider this package to bring the correct amount of volume, atmosphere and lighting. In this case, cheaper is NOT better. A larger event requires more firepower to correctly get the job done and make sure your guests have the amazing experience you want them to have.

Everything in the Signature Experience PLUS:

SIZE MATTERS! When you break it down, the only difference between our events are size. Guest amount and venue size has to be taken into consideration when planning your event. There is a common theme with our events: “We want our guests to have an amazing time!” In order to accomplish this, a larger event needs more firepower which means more gear and manpower to execute an event with the Cutmaster Music quality.

  • Larger line array speaker option
  • More lighting and atmsophere effects
  • Upgraded DJ furniture/ DJ booth
  • Additional staffing as needed
  • Additional discovery calls and planning sessions as needed for event exectution.

Enhance your EXPERIENCE

Next, choose any enhancements that will make your event even better!

Signature Add-Ons
  • 2 Towers with Movers $250
  • LED Pixel Tubes $500 / 8 tubes
  • Uplighting $150/ 5 lights
  • Monogram $200
  • Festival Glow Sticks $75/ 50 sticks
  • Snow Experience $300
  • Cocktail Hour Speaker & Playlist $150
  • CO2 Cryo Effect $200
  • Mirror Ball Package $100
  • Video DJ Booth $200
Premium Add-Ons
  • Ceremony Music & Microphones $500
  • QSC Line Array Sound System $500
  • Magic Mirror Photobooth $799
  • Silent Disco (Learn More)
  • Video/Media Experience – Includes 2x 60″ Screens with towers $400
  • Full Documentary Style Videography with Cutmaster Media starting at $2000+tax

The Talent

Finally, choose your DJ. Each DJ has their own unique set of skills and each has different offerings.

  • SIGNATURE EXPERIENCE $3299+tax (Peak Season)
  • SIGNATURE EXPERIENCE $2999+tax (Off Season)
  • PREMIER EXPERIENCE $3799+tax (Peak Season)
  • PREMIER EXPERIENCE $3499+tax (Off Season)
**Value Add**
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Events over the course of 20+ years in the event industry
TONY pacheco
  • SIGNATURE EXPERIENCE $3299+tax (Peak Season)
  • SIGNATURE EXPERIENCE $2999+tax (Off Season)
  • PREMIER EXPERIENCE $3799+tax (Peak Season)
  • PREMIER EXPERIENCE $3499+tax (Off Season)
**Value Add**
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Fist pumps and counting
victoria marin
  • SIGNATURE EXPERIENCE $2799+tax (Peak Season)
  • SIGNATURE EXPERIENCE $2499+tax (Off Season)
  • PREMIER EXPERIENCE (Not available)
  • PREMIER EXPERIENCE (Not available)
**Value Add**
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Smiles from our events
bao nguyen
  • SIGNATURE EXPERIENCE $2799+tax (Peak Season)
  • SIGNATURE EXPERIENCE $2499+tax (Off Season)
  • PREMIER EXPERIENCE $3499+tax (Peak Season)
  • PREMIER EXPERIENCE $2999+tax (Off Season)
**Value Add**
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Screams on the dance floor and counting…


1. Cutmaster Music extends winter incentives for “Off Season” dates to our couples for weddings that take place in the months of December 15th thru March 15th.

2. Some Cutmaster Music hosts offer incentive pricing on weddings all year held Sunday thru Thursday.

3. Off-season pricing is excluded from holiday dates.

4. There is a $350 additional travel fee for events outside the immediate Albuquerque area. This includes Santa Fe.

5. There is a 3% fee added if you pay with credit card.

Why are some djs more expensive than others?

The value of the talent is based on a few factors, but mainly it’s experience. All of our DJs are trained professionals and are capable of rocking your event. But we do believe that there is a premium for the years of experience and additional skillsets acquired (such as emcee training, club DJ experience, turntablism, etc). Feel free to ask us and learn more about all our DJs at Cutmaster Music.

these are your next steps to book your event

  1. If we haven’t met yet, let’s setup an appointment to have you into the office for coffee and answer any questions you have. Send an email to or give us a call at 505-508-3489
  2. Let us know that you’re ready to move forward with booking so we can mark your date on the calendar. For popular times of the year, we book out more than a year in advance. May-November are in high demand.
  3. A signed contract and retainer fee of 50% of your total package amount are what lock you into services with Cutmaster Music.

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